Monday, July 20, 2009


No No, that’s not my IQ, I appreciate the thought though. No, I'm down to 440lbs. I started around 475, so I’ll take it, I haven’t been this skinny (Ha ha) since I was 16 or so. High Five!

At this point the best part about it is that it doesn’t really feel like a diet anymore, just the way it is. I no longer have a hard time passing on deep fried goodness or ice creamy yumness, sure I still crave it from time to time, but it’s easier.

I’ve been eating a lot of Tofu, I love slicing it thin and giving it a nice sear with some garlic and soy sauce. I even eat Tofu noodles. (The old me would punch me in the face, but I like the new me better) I usually make a big bowl of bean salad once a week and I like making an apple cucumber salad as well. Just the other night I made Mushroom tofu quesadillas, they were amazing!

So all in all the diet is going well, I'm wearing a pair of jeans that I bough a couple years ago that I was never able to wear. I have a lot more energy, which I have been putting into my relationship, cooking and some art hear and there. I’ve also been thinking about having a party when I hit 375. Have some folks over, have some weird food, it will be very hippie :)


  1. congratufuckinglations!!!! I am so proud of you.

  2. That is totallt awesome! Keep it up dude! I'm so there for that party!!!

  3. Congrats! :)
    That's something to really be proud of, keep up the good work!

  4. Hey Allen, I found you randomly looking up a surgery for a fatty tumor on my back. Your rewritten song popped up. To be in Phoenix at that, lovely. I just wanted to both congratulate you and apologize for the inconveniences you suffer. I am extremely thin, have been since I grew 6 inches in a year and a half when I was fifteen. I get the opposite and though I know it is viewed by many as "lucky bitch" and other random comments. It sucks. While I've witnessed the rude looks at larger human beings and underbreath words (like I would automatically concur) the comments flow at me with no regard. "Eat something." "You going to keep that down?"
    I have struggled with weight gain for 14 years now, I drink more protein shakes than a body builder and eat always. I have extreme food allergies so it has always been hard.
    Heading down the opposite route, I've gained 12 pounds this year after trying for many. So congrats dear boy. Good luck.